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Are there any chemicals in the natural soaps?

No, all of the ingredients in the soaps are natural with the exception of the vegetable oil soaps,  the ones that do not have a natural essential oil, eg vanilla fudge uses a fragrance oil.


Do the soaps last long?

The soaps, provided they are not left to sit in water after bath/shower, will last an average of 2 - 4 times longer than an average bar of commercially produced soap.The olive oil and goatsmilk soaps, will outlast the majority of the vegetable oil based soaps.  To extend the life even further let the soap harden a little before using.


What payment methods do you except?

We accept payment through paypal. We also have the option of direct deposit. Please email us if you would like to order through our mail order system instead of here on our website.


Will the soaps irritate my skin, if it is sensitive?

Whilst we do not promise any person could not have a reaction, if fact our goatsmilk soaps are known to enhance moisturising of the skin. In fact, in many individuals, they assist reduction of the itching associated with eczema. Some people with skin conditions such as psorasis or dermatitis, have reported reduction if irratation, after bathing with the goatsmilk soaps. The Tea Tree & Lemon goatsmilk soap contains tea tree and pure aloe vera, which respectively have anti-bacterial, cleansing and repairing qualities.


Are any of the soaps suitable for bathing animals?

Our Neem soap is very effective for bathing dogs. It deters fleas and ticks from the animals. It is also effective on horses.


Where do you ship to?

We do not forsee a issue with any of the product we sell being admitted to your country. However, New Zealand does not permit the import of the botanical we decorate the olive oil soaps with. Consequently if in doubt we advise you check with customs in your country.